CheatBreaker is a modpack and FPS booster combined! In most cases, CheatBreaker more than doubles your normal Minecraft frames!
No, we are a group of CheatBreaker enthusiasts who have decided to revive the project after the original CheatBreaker was shut down back in 2018.

You can find our full credits list here.
With a little bit of magic, yes! In most cases, your frames will more than double.
Of course! You are welcome to use the CheatBreaker client on any 1.7 and 1.8 server. Keep in mind that some features can only be utilized on servers using our Bukkit API.
Yes. All our cosmetics are free. Please keep in mind that we also have special cosmetics (including emotes) that are only achievable by winning giveaways (on our Discord server) or ingame events.
No. CheatBreaker requires a premium Minecraft account to run. You can get one from the official Minecraft website
CheatBreaker is free, yes! This is possible because CheatBreaker was originally funded and developed by the creators of successful server networks such as the MineHQ Network.

This version is maintained by the GoldenPvP Network team at no extra cost.
Yes, absolutely! However, CheatBreaker will not allow you to load “xray texture packs”.
In short, no.

More info can be found here.
The CheatBreaker project is completely free of charge for the end user, thus making it unfeasible to pay both Apple and Microsoft a hefty yearly price to keep an active code signing certificate on both platforms

If anyone tries to sell you anything related to CheatBreaker, please block and report them to [email protected].
Yes, CheatBreaker supports Windows, macOS and Linux. Please note that 32-bit operating systems aren't supported!
Yes, as long as they don't block the connection to our and Microsoft's servers.
No. You can only use mods included as a part of CheatBreaker.
We pride ourselves in working closely with the development community to create an awesome experience for our users. If you have something you think is worth sharing with us, please submit a new issue on our GitHub repository and we will investigate your report promptly.

Those who responsibly disclose issues related to the CheatBreaker platform may receive a special reward.