The launcher, 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 save their logs into the same log file which can be accessed by using the SHOW LOGS button on the ABOUT page in the launcher

(Note: Log saving requires the launcher to stay open or hidden)
Make sure that you have at least 1GB available on your main system drive
If you are unable to login, make sure that:

• Online multiplayer is enabled in your Xbox privacy settings
• Your firewall is not blocking the CheatBreaker launcher
If you're getting a There was an error trying to launch the client message or clicking the launch button doesn't do anything, make sure that:

• You have at least 1GB available on your main system drive
• (Windows only) Your network connection is configured as a Home/Private network and not a Public network
• Your firewall is not blocking the CheatBreaker launcher
• You have a stable internet connection
• Your system time and date are configured correctly
32-bit Java installations on Windows could set your minimum RAM allocation to 512MB while CheatBreaker requires it to be set to 1024MB

Follow this guide to change your minimum Java RAM allocation:

1. From the Desktop, right-click This PC and click on Properties
2. Click on the Advanced System Settings link in the left column
3. In the System Properties window click on the Environment Variables button
4. Find the _JAVA_OPTIONS variable
5. Search for 512 in its field and replace it with 1024
6. Save and start CheatBreaker
Crashes while playing can be caused by a couple of reasons:

• You need to allocate more RAM in the launcher's SETTINGS page
• The server you're playing on has a faulty configuration
If your game crashes when trying to toggle the fullscreen mode, try the following fixes:

• Update your graphics drivers
• Use Borderless Fullscreen mode by going to the CheatBreaker Settings (right shift ingame & click on the ⚙️ icon) -> Display Settings and enable the Borderless Fullscreen option
If cosmetics are not showing up, make sure that:

• You are not playing on a cracked/non premium Minecraft server
• You have capes enabled under Skin Customization/Multiplayer Settings and under Video Settings -> Details
• You have Capes and Wings enabled in the CheatBreaker settings menu (Right Shift -> Settings -> CheatBreaker Settings -> Cosmetic Settings)
• Your firewall is not blocking CheatBreaker
To be able to use your side mouse buttons on CheatBreaker, you'll need to remap them to keyboard keys using the software that came with your mouse or with another app:

• Windows Mouse Manager
X-Mouse Button Control

Mac Mouse Fix
USB Overdrive

Key Mapper
If you have issues with surround sound not working try these steps:

• Create an alsoft.ini file in %appdata%
• Paste this into it:


Restart CheatBreaker and surround sound should work